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From the CEO, Michelle Mills-Porter.

Ensize offers a whole host of world class tools and assessments that help organisations to create an empowered, engaged workforce. (climate surveys, team evaluators, 360’s, profile builder, dynamic survey engines.) At the heart of this is the Ensize Combination Report; an easy, immediate online questionnaire that delivers a full 3 dimensional behaviour profile, which is then delivered back to the client or the team in either workshops or one to one sessions.

With the best reliability figures across the board, this tool alone has helped my clients not only to work better as a team, but also to enhance leadership skills, increase sales, improve response to marketing campaigns, increase e-mail campaign open rates, win more clients… the possibilities once people understand each other at a deeper level, are endless.

So how did I develop into this area? Well, I was always interested in behaviour profiling and had been using a DISC based system in my organisation since early 2001. However, it was during the Asian Tsunami when things took a shift for me. We were out in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka when it hit. In the aftermath of the tsunami, I witnessed what I call “Human Magnificence” which is based on the astonishing things that we can do for each other in the face of true adversity. We are truly magnificent beings with so much compassion. But why we keep our magnificence in the bottom of our bag until we are in a life or death situation, is beyond me.

So I started a bit of a mission which was to try and help people to see their own magnificence and realise the magnificence in others, despite our differences.

I also realised that what I had learned about behaviour profiling was not enough, there was something missing. I discovered later, that it was the values that we hold that guides our behaviour and the significant things going on in our lives, that creates nuances in our behaviour that most systems don’t appreciate.

How did I discover that? Well it was through an invitation to connect on LinkedIn from Anders Jansson, the creator of Ensize International. He and Martin Jansson came over to see me and my husband, Stuart Porter in the UK and from the moment I saw their system, I realised it was what I had been searching for. Fighting my own behaviour, (tending to get over excited and impatient) I took my time, researching, triple checking and testing the system before my husband and I decided to create Ensize UK using the  Ensize International platform.Stuart Porter & Michelle Mills-Porter

Michelle Mills-Porter (CEO) and Stuart Porter (CFO) Ensize UK

The feedback I get from my clients which can be seen on LinkedIn in the form of Recommendations and on our web site, is that the Ensize Combination Analysis is more accurate, more in-depth and more impressive than other analyses. The reason for that is that our combination analysis is an amalgamation of the work of William Moulton Marston (The Creator of DISC) and the work if Eduard Spranger (Types of Men) to deliver the only three dimensional behaviour profiler there is.

This third element of behaviour, connected to our values, is proving to be of paramount importance to help them to create an empowered, engaged workforce. See a snippet from my Keynote and in-house programme, “The Key to Motivation.”

With many qualified Practitioners using our system in their own businesses we have created an Ensize UK family. We get together for Mastermind meetings and on line forums, where we support each other, share our ideas, new tools and help each other’s businesses move forward.

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