What is Ethos?

Ethos Development Ltd is a Business Generation Consultancy. That means the generation of new business contracts and new business leads through the development of new streams of income / taking products and service to market / breaking through new markets.

MIchelle Mills-Porter of the Business Generation Consultancy

Michelle Mills-Porter

Ethos is run by Michelle Mills-Porter and uses freelance experts and associates not in house staff ensuring that every project is streamlined, maximising on efficiency and cost.

  • The theme that runs throughout the organisation is the generation of new business.
  • The vehicles used are the 4 elements below, Monkey Marketing, Phone Genius, Natural Networking and Uber Groups.
  • The tool used in each discipline is common throughout, authentic communication.

Ethos – You can draft Michelle in as a Business Development Director. In house projects may incorporate an overhaul of the companies offering and to which markets. Alternatively it may be to          develop a new stream of income or take the offering to a brand new market.

the Business Generation ConsultancyThe difference between Ethos and every other consultancy is that Ethos works with you through to the end. Ethos does not just create the strategy, communication, message and run. It PROVES the strategy, communication, message and DELIVERS some examples, proving the method and its effectiveness.

Every Ethos project is bespoke and can incorporate as much or as little support as you require. For example, some clients use Michelle purely as a sniper to reach specific targets and engage with them. Others draft Michelle in to launch a product or service from the embryonic stage.