Ethos Endorsements

Martin Rhodes MSc MBA FCMI
JFCIS SO2 IM/IX at Royal Navy
Occasionally, you meet the kind of person that is clearly so capable and dedicated that they stand out from the crowd.

Michelle is certainly one of these bright lights.
Her passion for delivering high performance marketing solutions for her clients is defined by her personal ethos and desire to add value to every relationship and interaction she has.

Entertaining, engaging and sometimes a little unorthodox, her marketing strategies, tips and techniques work extremely well and deliver. What more can you ask for?

I’d advise anyone that is looking to build their business to talk to Michelle and experience how she can help you take your company forward.
Get her on the telephone and see what she can do for you!

Tony Herbert
Director at Print2Please Limited
We retain MiIchelle as an associate director, with the brief of helping us develop our business by forming business relationships with key clients and prospects.

We have found already that Michelle is not just very good at doing that, but she provides Carol and me, the directors of Print2Please with details and information both perceptive and reliable. Michelle has empathy by the bucket-load and she uses this to great effect.

In a business where client intimacy is so important, Michelle is absolutely “Premier League”. She is going to be very important in our growth over the coming months and years.

I would highly recommend her for this sort of role elsewhere, unless you are a printer, in which case, hands off she is ours!

Graham Cornfield
SFEDI Gold Star Accredited Business Advisor at in-Tandem Management Solutions Ltd
We need new words in the English language just to describe Michelle. You need to read all the recommendations, then go to one of her workshops and be completely “wowed” – she knows her craft so well and her delivery is unique to say the least. Marvellous!!

Mac Andrews
Founder Director BWC Ltd QuantumSteps
I can’t say enough to praise this exceptionally talented woman. If you wanted to present soap dispensers to the Pope she’d get you an appointment. She is truly remarkable – take care of her!

Adam Laidler
Our experts help companies attract, assess and develop great talent.
Your belief system is something that you develop over many years, formed from many experiences. It is often sighted as one of the hardest things you can ask someone to modify or change.

When I met Michelle only a few months ago, I had a belief system that was so engrained, it was holding me back from discovering my true potential. With Michelle’s coaching, in such a surprisingly short space of time, she has taken me on a fantastic journey or self discovery, corny as that may sound.

Without Michelle’s influence in my business life, I would still have self limiting beliefs and I certainly wouldn’t be leading a revolution!

Michelle is inspirational, experienced, passionate, full of empathy and if you are lucky enough to work with her, she will literally transform the way you approach business and life generally.

You’ll note my use of emotive words in this recommendation. That is quite simply because Michelle isn’t all about business, she touches other parts of your life too, and that’s how she gets results – a beam of sunshine in an often gloomy business world!

Mark Hobart
MD – Clearview – Strategy, Projects, Risk, People, Performance, Business intelligence and Customer engagement
Michelle is a high energy individual with tons of ideas, well supported by her in depth subject knowledge, large network of contacts and acute/sensitive awareness of people. She has opened my eyes to new ways of working and engagement where my personality would hitherto not have allowed me to venture. She works well in a team environment and quickly establishes herself as more than a colleague but a friend. Think of the Tiger in the Frosties ad, “she’s grrrrreat!”

Kate Angel
Passionate about inspiring midlands based entrepreneurs of the future to succeed.
Thank you Michelle, you were excellent! Michelle kindly came to the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and presented to the students. They were all inspired motivated and blown away by your presence. Not only did you provide really good advice you entertained as well. Thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge and for a really great afternoon.

Tony Hodges
Business Growth Engineer
Michelle delivers so much more than these recommends and the profile shout out. IF you are in business, you don’t need wishy washy, same old, same old marketing. Michelle delivers, Michelle inspires, Michelle penetrates the parts of the professional’s brain that others can’t reach! You only live once, so you may as well make it count! Hire Michelle!

Mark Hamilton-Taylor Social Media Strategist
Social Media & LinkedIn Strategist – Awarded – B2B Expert – Digital Marketing UK Business Process – Business Visionary
This is MMP’s 280th endorsement.. I was going to wait till it was the 300th, but at the rate she is collecting them I may of missed it. Amongst many words to describe Michelle I will choose just four:
Inspirational and Innovative, Fabulous and Fun.

After knowing Michelle for a while and then having the pleasure to work with her at an event, which underlined Michelles passion and commitment to add value to people and their business. It is a delight to know Michelle and this recommendation comes with passion, honesty and value.

Matthew Tullett
Director at twelve20
What can I say about Michelle that hasn’t already been said by her long list of fans? I say fans as that’s what she creates, fans that want to work with her to create great long lasting relationships. That’s hard to come by in today’s cut throat world.

She sits down and really gets to know you, finding out all the information she needs to help you achieve what you want to achieve. I don’t normally give out recommendations but felt i wanted to for this wonderful lady.

If you ever get the chance to work with Michelle i would say snap her up you wont regret it.

Ian Prowse
Michelle Mills-Porter is fabulous!! I have known Michelle for a good few years now and she is what I would call a true ‘business connector’. She is very passionate about what she does and about helping business owners achieve success. I have hired Michelle a few time to speak at some of my bestofbromsgrove events, she always creates a buzz in the room and gives massive value to attendees. Thanks Michelle x

Kerrie Regan
Branch Manager at Jasper’s Corporate Catering Milton Keynes & Bedford
I first met Michelle on her training course ‘Monkey Marketing’. I was overwhelmed by not only the content of the course but of all the ideas I took away that could have a positive impact on my role as a Marketer.

I was wowed again when Michelle came to present to our group of franchisees on how to become a ‘phone genius’. The day was fantastic, interactive and not one person went away with nothing to apply in their businesses.

I love Michelle’s personality and drive. She will always be highly recommended by me.

Ed Harris
Service before self
It was great to attend Michelle’s training course. We have transformed the business beyond all recognition.

Julie Feeney
Director of Consumer & Commercial Lending at About Time Loans
I recently attended a workshop ‘Marvellous Marketing’ and a masterclass called ‘phone genius’ of Michelle’s, both were outstanding, Michelle offers companies and individuals access to innovative ideas to marketing appointments and services, teaching them to get to speak to their target and making the call count.

Michelle gives people the confidence to step up and make calls they would otherwise avoid and help them to generate more business for themselves. I would recommend Michelle whole heartedly to even the most experienced sales operatives, you will definately come away with something worthwhile and have some fun doing it.

Richard Crathorne BSc (Hons) FARLA
Owner, John Shepherd Lettings Limited
After attending one of Michelle’s seminars at Ethos I was overwhelmed with how engaging and passionate she was about the subject of marketing and getting the best for your business. Michelle is an infectious trainer and I recommend everyone to call her and enquire about her training courses. Fantastic Michelle – a creative inspiration!

Jon Rixon
“IT the way it should be” Experts in computers of all makes and models, servers, Voip, RJ45 Cabling
Michele has a unique perspective on business development, and she is able to deliver this in a way that captivates, amuses and inspires her audience, both 1-to-1 and in a group-leader environment. I would definitely recommend anyone who is able to spend time with her does so at your earliest opportunity – and every opportunity thereafter! A genuinely nice person with a superb business head to go with it.

Chris Perks
Digital Marketing Trainer | Digital Marketing Consultant | Digital Marketing Agency
Just been on one of Michelle’s courses on marketing and she was ACE! I don’t think I have ever been to a workshop and had so much fun. She is without a doubt the most engaging speaker I have ever seen. She is interesting, funny and an expert in her field. There are so many fast talkers in the marketing and business development industry, but not Michelle, she is the REAL DEAL. If you want to generate new business then you have to speak to this woman. Thanks a bunch for the invite today Michelle you have shown me so many ways to get extra publicity and business. Thank You

Debbie Mullett
Business Owner
I attended an inspirational and informative marketing presentation by Michelle and came away so full of enthusiasm, I immediately set to work and haven’t stopped! The presentation was well planned and interesting with realistic and achievable goals. I was most impressed with the extra time she gave after the presentation for invaluable one to one sessions. I will recommend Michelle with pleasure.

Sara Dover
Owner, Can’t Cook Will Cook Cookery School and The Nutrition Clinic
Michelle has a very positive and creative approach to her business through Ethos. She is able to find great solutions to business match-making with a dynamic and friendly attitude. Michelle secured some excellent connections for me, including a link with Waitrose and I would definitely recommend her services if you are looking for someone who can knock on doors and break them down.

Tom Duffin
Director at Chase Progression Consultants Limited
I met Michelle recently. I listened and I learned a lot. She has an amazing natural style and I encourage you to listen to what she says. She knows her subject really well. A couple of things Michelle said have had a significant effect on my business. I will seek her support again. There are a number of reasons to do business with Michelle: She is very good company; She keeps the audience interested; WHAT SHE SAYS WORKS!

James Cash
Working With Small Businesses to Minimise IT Headaches and Help Them Use Technology to Maximise Productivity
I met Michelle at a Business Link event and was blown away by her presentation and style. She not only demonstrates a huge depth of knowledge around telemarketing, she is amazing at communicating that knowledge to others. I subsequently hired Michelle to train our internal sales team and the results have been fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to others.

Bill Leech
Chief Executive of Henley Business Brokers Manufacturing & Engineering Business Sales
Michelle is a great enthusiast in all she does. Her understanding and determination in the marketing field is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending her. She won’t let you down.

Julie Bridgwater
Owner at VIP Eye Wear and Moda Jewellery
Just got back from a fabulous day with Michelle. Came away from the workshop feeling inspired and full of new ideas. Michelle knows her stuff and delivers in a fun and friendly way and somehow manages to involve the whole room. If you need motivation and new ideas to take your business forward I would have no hesitation in recommending this whirl wind woman!

Mike Shinton
Director at Time to Grow Ltd
Over the years I have been drawn to people who are experts in their field. Undoubtedly Michelle falls into this category. Business Development, and in particular telemarketing is a highly specialised area. Not only is she great, dare I say the best, at doing it, she is fantastic at teaching others how to do it!! There are two other fabulous things about Michelle. She only charges for the results that she generates – now you have to be pretty sure of yourself to work on that basis, but most importantly she is a top girl and beautiful person. And don’t you think that’s really important in someone who you are doing business with??? Book her – you won’t be disappointed!

Alan Workman FCIOB
Management Consultancy Services
Michelle is an expert in her field of business management. Her knowledge and inventive ways of identifying solutions to problems is both refreshing and rewarding. Her excellent workshop presentations provide extremely good value in the modern world of business.

David Duggan
Director and Principle Project Management consultant at Crawstone Management Services Ltd
I recently attended a Business Link training session entitled “Marketing on a shoe string.” Michelle was quite simply inspirational. I have taken the concepts and applied them to my business management company and have already won 1 and in negotiations for a second that I can link directly to this training session. I can not recommend Michelle enough and will attend any other sessions she has going.

Susan Jones
Michelle gave me some invaluable advice when I first left Television Production and set up “Redhead Business Films”, and I’ve now had two amazing years, filming and producing non-stop for corporate clients. I also filmed Michelle at a Best of Bromsgrove event and she is a wonderful, charismatic public speaker… the room was captivated… and she’s a fantastic presenter. So Thank-You Michelle, and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Anita Pickerden
Improving Performance through Coaching, Training and Evaluation
Michelle’s knowledge, expertise, imagination and enthusiasm are incredible. She has just pulled together a one-day Training Showcase at Maple House in Birmingham and, using her great marketing skills, managed to interest over 80 people in attending. Her presentation skills are most engaging, and her passion for her subject is great to see. I look forward to continuing to work together on innovative and fun projects in the future.

Rob Ball
FCIPD Passionate about change, leadership and motivation for people and organisations to perform.
Michelle organised a super event at Maple House, then inspired and entertained in equal measure.

John Cleary
Helping women improve their self confidence and feel better about themselves through photography
I’ve worked with Michelle, now, a number of times. If you don’t know her already, you should, she is a bundle of energy and has incredible amounts of enthusiasm for everything she does! She is a fabulous relationship builder and a really ‘out there’ marketeer. If you’re looking for an entertaining speaker or someone to help you with marketing, Michelle would be a great person to ask, I just know, that if she can find the time, she will help, because that’s the way she is! :o) Thanks Michelle.

Alwin Bennett
Owner, Alwins Authentic Jerk Products Limited
I have had a TRULY UPLIFTING” experience with Michelle at a seminar organised by Natwest. For my business, Michelle is a great help….. to TEAR down walls and barriers blocking growth and success. Michelle is fantastic and I look forward with great anticipation to our next encounter.

Headz Up Business Owner
Deliver Training I Organise Business Networking I
Headz Up Business was delighted and highly honoured to have Michelle deliver a talk on ‘Phone Genius’ at the August Headz Up 4 Business Women Networking Event. The feedback from the professional attendees was excellent. Michelle has a fantastic personality, is a great entertainer and her enthausiasm on her chosen subjects infectious. Michelle is a confident presenter, totally understands the interaction with the audience and engaging them in such away to leave lasting impressions. Headz Up Business is looking forward to collaborating and working together on future projects with Michelle.

James Bowles
The Print Budget Money Saver – Graphic Designer – Social Media Marketer
Went to an event which Michelle was running, I find her style of coaching and mentoring fantastic and she makes you feel empowered and ready to take on anything. I got a lot from the event and will look to put it into practice.

Christine Bonsmann
Counsellor and Psychological Therapist, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Michelle’s training was fun, informative, challenging, accessible and lively. Well worth the experience.

Austen Gower
Business Systems Analyst at UCAS
I have attended several events that Michelle has hosted – Marvellous Marketing, Phone Genius and Monkey Marketing. Michelle is an expert with her delivery, imparting some real gems of wisdom in an entertaining and above all accessible way. And it is obvious she really cares about what she does. If you have not attended one of Michelle’s event then I would suggest you do so.

Dee Henderson-Small
Self-employed Graphic Recorder
I attended Michelle’s ‘Marvellous Marketing’ workshop yesterday and have come away with lots of new ideas. Michelle clearly knows her subject well and presents with passion and humour. The 4 hours flew by!

Simon Hill
PhD Researcher & Entrepreneur
Michelle is a fantastic trainer with lots of excitement and knowledge. I have been to two of her events, both of which I have improved my business with and gained actual sales from. If you get a chance to go one of her training events, Go For It!!!

Phil Page
Managing Director at Effective Quality Solutions Limited
Linked In course – Michelle was the tutor – brilliant. Loads of tips, good sensible advice and a great sense of humour. If you see a course run by her – go for it.

Jim Forman
Recruitment Manager
I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar that Michelle was leading recently and was pleasantly surprised on how much information and the methods of approach that I came away with.

After listening to and interacting with this consummate industry professional, I have had my eyes opened and now have a completely different view on how to approach and handle some initial contact and marketing predicaments.

Michelle says that she is best described as a maverick, but I disagree, the phrase that I would use would include the words Expert, Specialist and Professional.

10 out of 10.

Claire Davies
Account Executive at Just Marketing International
I would definitely recommend attending one of Michelle’s workshops. It was like no other I have ever experienced informative, engaging, interactive and very amusing. Michelle is clearly an expert in her field and I have taken away some great tips which I am looking forward to putting into action straight away.

Sarah Pickford
Field Sales Manager at Valeo Service UK
It is without question that I would highly recommend Michelle. Motivational, inspiring, engaging and amusing is how I would describe her. Clearly very knowledgeable about her subject, Michelle fully involves her audience and gives great insight to all.

Anthea Fosti
Owner & MD, Zeus Public Relations Ltd
I count myself very fortunate in being in attendance at Michelle’s fantastically charged seminar today on business development, thank you Michelle!!

Karen Eyke
Operations Director at Recruit Recruit Ltd
I have just attended a workshop organised by Business Link West Midlands covering marketing. Michelle was the trainer on the day. Michelle is an excellent trainer/coach, I would recommend her to anyone. Her Style and natural flair for the business is amazing! I truly look forward to seeing Michelle again and once my business grows hiring her services myself !

Axelle Parker
Community Appeals Officer at VSO
I have just attended a Workshop that Michelle delivered on behalf of Business Link and I was extremely impressed by the content and delivery of her presentation.
I am pleased to say that there wasn’t a single time where I lost concentration as the delivery was so energetic and interesting that my mind was always totally focussed on what was beings said and I came out of the event with a huge amount of ideas!
Thanks Michelle for an inspiring workshop!

Karyl Iles
Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International
Michelle visited our Networking group to help us with our 60 second pitch. I personally learned a great deal, and noticed how much all the members of the groups presentations improved enormously as a result of her training session. As usual, Michelle made it great fun pitching it perfectly for us! Many thanks for all your help.

Robin Valk
40+ years in radio. BIG software experience, production chops, voicer guy, local music booster
I went to Michelle’s Business Link seminar/workshop this week, and came away fizzing with snappy ideas and bright new approaches to pump up my profile and reach new business leads. This was a LOT of fun, but it packed in key practical steps to take along the way. I work in specialised fields, and my challenges are both to find new markets for my services, and to market new services for existing markets. This has absolutely helped me devise some new strategies. Michelle looks at things differently, and encourages you to do the same thing. Great stuff – thank you!

Lucy Davison
Business Development Manager at HotCat Deals
Michelle has a FAB personality and it shows in her presentation skills. She makes people feel at ease and speaks simply in a language I can understand! I really enjoyed both her workshops I attended that she has done with Business Link West Midlands. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Gemma McLean
Digital Designer and Developer
I attended a ‘PR and Marketing on a Shoestring Budget’ seminar through Business Link that was presented by Michelle. I found the seminar really useful, interesting and valuable. I picked up a lot of useful tips (that don’t cost anything to implement) that I can apply to my business, but more importantly I enjoyed the session and found it interesting throughout. The way Michelle engaged with the audience and created an interactive feel about the seminar was very refreshing.

Jon Critoph
Michele manages to pack a lot of useful tips and ideas into a short space of time and delivers with a passion that does not tail off over the duration of the course. The whole event left you buzzing with new ideas and a passion to go away and put some of them into practice. Anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and their business and leave feeling inspired to make changes should consider attending one of Michelle’s workshops

Tim Cooper-Cocks
Associate at Collective Legal Solutions-Estate Plans,Trusts,Wills,Probate and Lasting Power of Attorney. Funeral Plans.
I recently attended a workshop run by Michelle. It was very informative and worthwhile. I have already applied her recommendations and seen the positive results.

Claire Whitmore
Business Analyst at National Express
I attended the Generating New Business By Phone workshop which Michelle ran through Business Link West Midlands. Michelle is an excellent orator and an expert in her field. I took away loads of ideas and will implement them immediately  I would recommend Michelle’s business courses to anyone and I hope to attend more Business Link courses.

Peter Woods
SME Specialist
Michelle delivers great training on use of the phone to generate sales for Business Link.She has a wealth of experience which can be outsourced for deliverable and quantifiable results.

Alexandra Turchyn
Personal, Executive and Business Brand Specialist at HOC in Business & House of Colour
Michelle is incredibly passionate and deeply knowledgeable in her work. After attending her marketing workshop, I left buzzing with excitement and armed with lots of fantastic ideas on how to make my business thrive. I highly recommend Michelle’s workshops – they are innovative, inspiring and heaps of fun!

Stuart Francis
Director at touchretail
I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Michelle’s workshops. I came away from the event inspired and armed with ideas that are currently being put into practice. From my short time spent in Michelle’s presence I would describe her as a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic, go-getter. Her hands-on, interactive approach captivates her audience and helps open up the room. An inspiring lady.

Pam Neaves
Mint Creative Solutions – attracting customers through professionally designed websites and social media interactions
Congratulations on an excellent event! I certainly came away feeling good about myself and the world around me, thanks to the guest speakers and businesses in the room. I’d highly recommend all future ‘Feel Good Fairs’ for those searching for a little positivity.

Deirdre Myers
I attended a PR and Marketing seminar run by Michelle and was impressed by both her energy and her expertise. She shared lots of practical, down-to earth tips and techniques, making excellent use of the time available and also generously gave of her time on a one to one basis after the event. An impressive and dynamic lady!

Eileen Hallam
Ceramic Supplies Consultant
Michelle is an excellent orator and presenter. I attended the Business Link West Midlands seminar on Marketing & PR – How to grow your business on a shoestring budget. Apart from being very informative, she encouraged “thinking outside the box”. A memorable seminar!

Esther Marie Woolley
Make Up Specialist at EstherMarie Make Up Events and Workshops
I’m sure by now you know how wonderful Michelle is…I love the way she delivers her trainings in a practical, fun, Tried and Tested way. So may times Trainers are just reading from a book.. but Michelle has been there a and done it, so quite simply it works.. So book her up and check out your return!!

Tracey Davis
I have known Michelle for 4 months now but it feels like I have known her forever! Michelle came highly recommended but I was unsure so went along to one of her speaker sessions.. **WOW with Bells** on, she was amazing…She is energetic and thinks outside the box.. A very Powerful person!
At our 1st show in Worcester (April 2012) Michelle won our ‘Power Networker as she was the most influential person in this region, inviting over 50 businesses through the door for the show. This award is only ever given to someone who is a real power house networker….
I for one am so glad to be working with someone like Michelle who just keeps pushing through those barriers!

Darren Langham
Creator of The design zodiac by twelve20
I have known Michelle for 4 months now but it feels like I have known her forever! Michelle came highly recommended but I was unsure so went along to one of her speaker sessions.. **WOW with Bells** on, she was amazing…She is energetic and thinks outside the box.. A very Powerful person!
At our 1st show in Worcester (April 2012) Michelle won our ‘Power Networker as she was the most influential person in this region, inviting over 50 businesses through the door for the show. This award is only ever given to someone who is a real power house networker….
I for one am so glad to be working with someone like Michelle who just keeps pushing through those barriers!

Denise McGowan
Director at Evanji Ltd
Having met Michelle at the Feel Good Fair, in Bromsgrove, I immediately wanted to work with her. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. The event was planned and organised by Michelle and was a fantastic celebration of everything that makes you feel positive and alive.
Since then I have been fortunate that Michelle has agreed to work with me promoting the most beneficial Swiss formulated skin care range available, called Arbonne.
But that’s not all…yesterday I was able to take part in a workshop that Michelle presented on behalf of Business Link entitled ‘Generating New Business by Phone’. What an enlightening morning. I shall say no more..other than you should book and benefit from seeing Michelle, who has an amazing wealth of knowledge to share.