What is Phone Genius?

Welcome to Phone Genius

Phone Genius is the result of 25 years of using the phone as a communication tool. It is the amalgamation of everything I have learned, developed and distilled. It is a science from which I train through intense training courses, workshops and seminars.

The book –  Is highly acclaimed with nothing but 5 star ratings on Amazon and is available in Kindle version too.

The course  –


This is not a course on telesales techniques – or sales strategies, but an insight into non visual communication and development of personal communication skills.

Essentially Phone Genius gives you the tools to be able to build as much rapport over the phone as you would face to face.

As a very successful species that relies predominately on complicated visual processes, we often overlook the incredible abilities that our other senses bring to the communication process.

When we communicate on the phone, we are essentially stripped of our visual senses. Very successful phone communicators naturally switch up their hearing to a different setting, accessing a level that we simply don’t use in face to face situations. This is a sub conscious process that we can learn to do automatically through practise.

Phone Genius explores how people who are great on the phone use their hearing and their voice more effectively. It looks at technology and how that affects our ability to build rapport, and then how to overcome that. It also gives us ways to be able to recognise language patterns, and behaviour in order to build rapport and create really successful relationships.

The results of Phone Genius training are not just vastly improved results, but massively increased confidence and purpose. Especially effective for people in proactive relationship building roles such as Business Development, high level Account Management and Customer Care roles.

The most effective in house Phone Genius courses start with 2 intense training days which are then supported with one to one sessions and practise sessions until the new conscious abilities become second nature. Depending on the size of the group these programmes usually span over 3 months with 12 interaction days.

Phone Genius is also available as a  Key Note speech  or workshop.